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GenerVations, a successful A.I. organization with a storied history, is committed to the genetic advancement of dairy genetics worldwide. By investing in cow families and time-tested genetics as well as genomic technology, GenerVations has been able to prove elite sires like 250HO803 CHAMPION, a millionaire sire, and three brothers who earned “Class Extra” status in Canada: 250HO914 WINDHAMMER, 250HO903 WILDTHING and 250HO902 WILLROCK.

Household names like 250HO1002 EPIC, 250HO1010 LEXOR, 250HO1049 LIQUID GOLD and 250HO1127 MAIN EVENT are some of the more current additions to the GenerVations lineup. All come from well-known and well-respected cow families and have exceptional genetic numbers.

GenerVations will continue to develop and market sires with the 250 stud code with emphasis on sires that excel on the Canadian evaluation system for LPI, Conformation and other traits. More than 40 young Holsteins and a handful of Jersey sires will be progeny tested per year.

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